1. Brush letters scanned and vectored. Wish I had time to do the whole alphabet.

  2. Dry brush letter, scanned and vectored. One down, five to go!

  3. Big sponge brush letters for a lettering project.

  4. 'Make a Wish' | Daily Drawing #197
    Some Rick Griffin-inspired psychedelic lettering on a dandelion wish.

  5. 'New York City, 9/11/14' | Daily Drawing #196.
    Look forward, but always remember.
    WTC 1 Building in 2014 as seen from Fulton Street.

  6. 'Be Here Now' | Daily Drawing #195
    Here we are, here and now. That’s all there is.

  7. 'It's All A Game' | Daily Drawing #194
    When life gets you down or kicks you in the teeth, just remember ‘It’s All A Game’.

  8. 'Leave Them Wanting More' | Daily Drawing #193
    Whether it’s music, art, show business or dating - always save some for later, leave them wanting more.

    Tools: Tombow Dual Brush Pen

  9. 'Panic Attack!' | Daily Drawing #192
    Don’t have a panic attack - Attack the panic!
    Tools: Flat brush with Liquitex acrylic on paper, photographed and manipulated in Photoshop.

  10. Friday night freshness on the lightbox.