1. 'Coffee Achiever!' | Daily Drawing #199.
    Happy National Coffee Day.
    Tools: Tombow Brush Marker, Black Sharpie.

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  2. 'You Poked My Heart!' | Daily Drawing #198
    Inspired by the adorable toddlers on YouTube having an argument about the weather. The blonde twins seem to be getting the best of him, and one pokes him. In the heart.
    Poor little guy, it won’t be the last time a girl pokes you in the heart.

  3. Ken Barber from House Industries at University of Delaware. (at University of Delaware)

  4. The Assman always “stops short”. (at Tolbert’s Restaurant)

  5. I’d eat here just for that glorious Weezer-like logo and the orange and white everywhere. (at Whataburger Restaurants)

  6. @jessicahische shares her creative process. #Circles2014

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  7. @jessicahische shares her creative process. #Circles2014

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  8. Words of wisdom from Josh Brewer #Circles2014

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  9. 'Creativity is a bottomless pie' - Becky Murphy #Circles2014

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  10. Creative fuel. Pumped up for Day 2! #Circles2014

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