1. 'Prove Them Wrong' | Daily Drawing #210.
    Tools: Palomino Blackwing Pencil

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  2. 'The Velvet Hammer' | Daily Drawing #209.
    I heard this phrase this morning. The common definition is a woman who operates with grace and eloquence and still kicks ass and gets shit done.
    (It’s also a name for a band, a drink and a sex term…)
    Tools: Tombow Brush Marker, Photoshop, Wacom Tablet.

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  3. Dribbble Philly Meetup (at Garage Philly)

  4. 'She's the Cheese and I'm the Macaroni' | Daily Drawing #208.
    A line from the Beastie Boys song ‘Get It Together’.

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  5. 'Taco Tuesday' | Daily Drawing 207

  6. Practice with cheap markers! Lettering pens can be crazy-expensive.This set of broad nib chisel tip markers: under 2 bucks at Target. They’re an even cheaper version of the Crayola kids markers.
    Good enough for practice!

  7. Hamilton Wood Type at the Old City Festival

  8. 'For your health.' Dr. Steve Brule. (at The Keswick Theatre)

  9. 'Human Treasure Hunt' with Dr. Steve Brule (at The Keswick Theatre)

  10. Still sick? MORE FLUIDS! Daily Drawing 206